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Cumbasil MIte 25kg + KE Herbal Extract for Chickens 500ml

KE: Cumbasil Mite: Sandbad für Deine Hühner - Chemielos und natürlich Chemieloses und natürliches Mineralpulver zum Schutz vor Hühnermilben, wie zum Beispiel der Roten Vogelmilbe, Flöhen, Läusen oder Haarlingen. Effektiv gegen Hühnermilben und andere Parasiten Reguliert den Milbendruck im Hühnerstall Geringe Staubentwicklung im Stall 100% natürlich Durch die besonders gute Hafteigenschaft an Hühnermilben, wird Ihre Mobilität massiv eingeschränkt. Das Gefieder wird für die Milben somit schwer zu durchdringen. Der Milbendruck im Stall wird so effektiv reguliert. Zudem wird der Staubanteil im Stall gering gehalten. Das Sandbad wird nicht nur zum Schutz vor Milben von den Tieren genutzt, es fördert auch, durch die im Staubbad enthaltenen Siliziumminerale, die Qualität und den Glanz des Gefieders. Cumbasil Mite wird seit Jahren von Hühner- & Geflügelhalter angewandt. Egal, ob zum Regulieren des Milbendrucks im Stall oder zur Tierbeschäftigung. Wohlbefinden und Beschäftigung Unser Cumbasil Mite Staubbad haftet am Federkleid und den Fußballen der Hühner. Somit verteilen sie es zusätzlich im ganzen Stall und sorgen dafür, dass auch Milben an Stallungsteilen oder in Ritzen mit Cumbasil Mite in Kontakt kommen. Zudem bietet das Staubbad den Tieren eine sinnvolle Beschäftigung. Durch die zusätzlich geschaffene Beschäftigung werden Langeweile, Federpicken sowie Stress in der Herde erheblich reduziert.
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KE Herbal Extract for Chickens: Supplementary feed from natural herbs for your chickens.

Since our enclosures or grounds often don't give the animals the opportunity to help themselves to herbs as needed, we have compiled the variety of herbs into one product. KE-herbal extract for chickens consists of over 50 different Austrian organic herbs. It contains the most valuable natural active ingredients that support the optimal nutrient absorption of your chickens. The entire organism of the animals is strengthened and the body environment is brought into balance. Thus, the herbs promote holistic health.

The benefits for your chickens at a glance:

- optimizes nutrient absorption and digestion

- supports the intestinal flora

- promotes laying performance

- offers support during moult and brooding period

- increases resistance to diseases

- provides more well-being and vitality

Optimizes nutrient absorption and digestion

The liquid supplementary feed for chickens is an organic product that improves the digestion and nutrient absorption of your chickens. It balances the environment in the intestines of your chickens so that they can optimally utilize their feed. In this way, it contributes to a balanced supply of nutrients and the health of the animals.

Increased laying performance

With the addition of herbs, your chickens gain increased well-being and are more vital. The supplementary feed prevents deficiency symptoms. As a result, studies have shown that the administration of the valuable feed supplement leads to an increased laying performance. In addition, the shells of the eggs become harder and stronger, so that broken eggs are reduced.

Supports molting and incubation period

A good supply of nutrients to the chickens is particularly important in energy-sapping situations such as molting and incubation. For all-round care, use KE-herbal extract for chickens in addition to your normal feed to provide your animals with optimal nutrients.

Balanced chickens with shiny feathers

The better well-being of your chicken flock benefits the group behavior. The chicken flock is more balanced and stress-free. In addition, the good nutrient supply also helps to achieve a shiny plumage.

Less susceptible to diseases thanks to a balanced nutrient supply

The feed supplement strengthens your chickens and contributes to their balanced nutrient supply. Healthy herbs are absorbed and improve the intestinal flora. At the same time, the ingredients of your feed are better processed. The optimal supply makes your flock more resistant to diseases.

Organic herbs

For our chickens we use the best quality. Through a particularly gentle fermentation process, the ingredients and active ingredients of the herbs from Austria are almost completely preserved. No foreign bacteria, fungi, yeasts or artificially grown microorganisms are added.

The cultivation and origin of the herbs used are certified by Austria Bio Garantie.

The supplementary feed for chickens is also suitable for other types of poultry.


Simply add 5-6 sprays per kg of feed and mix the feed briefly. Done!

With daily use and a small flock of 5 to 10 chickens, you should get by with a 500 ml bottle of KE herbal extract for chickens circa 6 months.

Composition: Apple mint, bloodroot, borage, blackberry leaves, rue, chamomile, elecampane, valerian, comfrey, dost/oregano, marshmallow, lavender, sage, St. John's wort, meadowsweet, lungwort, evening primrose, golden nettle, goldenrod, chervil, chicory, horehound, lady's mantle, goutweed, shepherd's purse, dandelion, rhubarb, yarrow, nettle, nasturtium, agrimony, medicinal zest, raspberry leaves, elder leaves, little meadow-herb/pimp. , Lovage, monk's pepper, peppermint, marigolds, rose mallow, rosemary, arugula/ narrow-leaved double seed, celandine, ribwort, sweetthorn, square willowherb, rue, hyssop, lemon balm, lemon thyme, molasses, water.

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Cumbasil Mite

Cumbasil Mite - Natural mineral powder to protect laying hens from ectoparasites. Contains no biocides and is 100% purely natural.  

Cumbasil Mite is a chemical-free and purely natural mineral powder for protection against ectoparasites such as the red bird mite, fleas, lice or hair lice. 

Due to the particularly good adhesive properties of Cumbasil Mite on ectoparasites, their mobility is massively restricted. This makes it difficult for the mites to penetrate the plumage. This results in an efficient regulation of the mite pressure in the barn. In addition, the dust content in the barn is kept low due to the particularly good adhesive properties.

Cumbasil Mite not only protects your animal from ectoparasites, but also promotes the quality and shine of the plumage through the silicon minerals contained in the dust bath.

Cumbasil Mite has been successfully tested in practice over many years. The poultry training and testing institutes have included Cumbasil Mite in their recommendations and confirm its good effect. As a purely natural product, Cumbasil Mite may be used by organic farms and is FiBl-listed. The litter becomes drier, the hygiene standard improves and the smell in the stable is reduced. The use of Cumbasil Mite is welcomed by the German KAT certification body (Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry)and does not require approval. 


  • Silicate minerals
  • Magnesium minerals
  • Calcium minerals
  • Trace elements

Recommendation for use

Cumbasil Mite is provided to your animals by piling it up in the scratching area. Setting up dust troughs has proved particularly effective. The dust trays are filled with Cumbasil Mite. Your animals do the rest. Instinctively, your animals scratch and hoot in the Cumbasil Mite.


Cumbasil Mite is 100% chemical free. The high-quality and fine powder adheres excellently to the plumage of the animals and is perfectly suitable for organic farms. Read product information before use! Avoid eye contact! Stored in a cool and dry place, the product has an unlimited shelf life.

Refill the dust bath regularly. The dust bath should not become wet. Loosen the dust bath regularly with a rake. To increase the acceptance, you can mix the dust bath with the usual stable bedding.  


Cumbasil Mite is a mineral powder extracted from pure, dry natural rock. When Cumbasil Mite is ground, the product obtains a special particle size distribution that has been developed for effective action and dust-reduced application.


This product consists of

KE Herbal Extract for Chickens 500ml
29,95 € *
59,90 € per 1 l
Available now!
Cumbasil® Mite 25 kg package
29,99 € *
1,20 € per 1 kg
Available now!

Natural composition

Cumbasil Mite is a chemical-free and natural mineral powder obtained from pure dry natural stone. It contains trace elements and important minerals such as silicate, magnesium and calcium.

Hühner im Sandbad

Low dust content in the barn

During grinding, Cumbasil Mite receives a special particle size distribution developed for effective action and dust-reduced application. This keeps the dust content with stall low.

Hühner im Sandbad

Application note

The fine powder adheres excellently to the plumage of the animals and is suitable for organic farms. Cumbasil Mite should be regularly replenished and loosened with a rake. The dust bath should not become wet. To increase the acceptance, the sand bath can be mixed with the usual stable bedding. Read product information before use! Avoid eye contact! Stored in a cool and dry place, the product has an unlimited shelf life.

Hühner im Sandbad

Fast delivery

No sooner ordered, Cumbasil Mite is with you. We know that it can't happen fast enough, so we pack and ship on the same business day. Your order will be shipped free of charge by DHL or DPD within Germany and the neighboring countries. From 5 bags you will receive your order by freight forwarding.

This is how you apply Cumbasil Mite

Within 2-3 days your order will be with you. From 5 bags we deliver by freight forwarding.

Set out a dust pan or find out where your chickens prefer to bathe.

Fill Cumbasil Mite at least 5 cm high into the dust pan or directly onto the floor.

Your chickens will bathe themselves in Cumbasil Mite and will be mite-free after a few days.

What our customers say

I still know Cumbasil Mite from my time at university. There it was always used very successfully and for me it was immediately clear that my own hens should also enjoy this dust bath. should come. I have been keeping chickens for many years now without ever having experienced a nasty mite surprise. I used Cumbasil Mite in the sand bath, mixed with the litter in the coop and reinforced around the perch. perch. A great and natural product that I am very happy to recommend.

Olivia from @dein_gartenhuhn

Cumbasil Mite is very gladly accepted by the animals! Mites since then remain very well contained. It dusts almost not at all and is therefore not harmful to the lungs of the chickens. I will use in the future nothing else as a dust bath for my girls!

Anna from @huehner_stube

To prevent red bird mite, we are testing Cumbasil Mite in the sand baths in the coop this year. They love to bathe in it and I feel good that I can offer them such a great activity in the barn. to offer them such a great activity in the stable. So, even for the pure feel-good factor of the gang, it's been worth it. And then hopefully it will keep the red beasts away in the summer. But I'm in good spirits!

Nadine from

I do not want to use chemicals in my chicken coop, but still have an effective product against mites. Cumbasil Mite is 100% natural and yet super effective. This pleases not only the chickens, but also me! Thank you for this!

Susann from @villawunderbar

I am a big fan of Cumbasil Mite, preferring to prevent with natural means rather than having to fight the enemy with the chemical club once it has spread. There comes to me (and our chickens and quails) Cumbasil Mite just right. Simply mix it regularly into the dust bath and the chickens will playfully do the rest.

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