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KE Herbal Extract for Chickens 500ml

Kraeuterextrakt Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hühner und anderes Geflügel.

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KE Herbal Extract for Chickens: Supplementary feed from natural herbs for your chickens.

Since our enclosures or grounds often don't give the animals the opportunity to help themselves to herbs as needed, we have compiled the variety of herbs into one product. KE-herbal extract for chickens consists of over 50 different Austrian organic herbs. It contains the most valuable natural active ingredients that support the optimal nutrient absorption of your chickens. The entire organism of the animals is strengthened and the body environment is brought into balance. Thus, the herbs promote holistic health.

The benefits for your chickens at a glance:

- optimizes nutrient absorption and digestion

- supports the intestinal flora

- promotes laying performance

- offers support during moult and brooding period

- increases resistance to diseases

- provides more well-being and vitality

Optimizes nutrient absorption and digestion

The liquid supplementary feed for chickens is an organic product that improves the digestion and nutrient absorption of your chickens. It balances the environment in the intestines of your chickens so that they can optimally utilize their feed. In this way, it contributes to a balanced supply of nutrients and the health of the animals.

Increased laying performance

With the addition of herbs, your chickens gain increased well-being and are more vital. The supplementary feed prevents deficiency symptoms. As a result, studies have shown that the administration of the valuable feed supplement leads to an increased laying performance. In addition, the shells of the eggs become harder and stronger, so that broken eggs are reduced.

Supports molting and incubation period

A good supply of nutrients to the chickens is particularly important in energy-sapping situations such as molting and incubation. For all-round care, use KE-herbal extract for chickens in addition to your normal feed to provide your animals with optimal nutrients.

Balanced chickens with shiny feathers

The better well-being of your chicken flock benefits the group behavior. The chicken flock is more balanced and stress-free. In addition, the good nutrient supply also helps to achieve a shiny plumage.

Less susceptible to diseases thanks to a balanced nutrient supply

The feed supplement strengthens your chickens and contributes to their balanced nutrient supply. Healthy herbs are absorbed and improve the intestinal flora. At the same time, the ingredients of your feed are better processed. The optimal supply makes your flock more resistant to diseases.

Organic herbs

For our chickens we use the best quality. Through a particularly gentle fermentation process, the ingredients and active ingredients of the herbs from Austria are almost completely preserved. No foreign bacteria, fungi, yeasts or artificially grown microorganisms are added.

The cultivation and origin of the herbs used are certified by Austria Bio Garantie.

The supplementary feed for chickens is also suitable for other types of poultry.


Simply add 5-6 sprays per kg of feed and mix the feed briefly. Done!

With daily use and a small flock of 5 to 10 chickens, you should get by with a 500 ml bottle of KE herbal extract for chickens circa 6 months.

Composition: Apple mint, bloodroot, borage, blackberry leaves, rue, chamomile, elecampane, valerian, comfrey, dost/oregano, marshmallow, lavender, sage, St. John's wort, meadowsweet, lungwort, evening primrose, golden nettle, goldenrod, chervil, chicory, horehound, lady's mantle, goutweed, shepherd's purse, dandelion, rhubarb, yarrow, nettle, nasturtium, agrimony, medicinal zest, raspberry leaves, elder leaves, little meadow-herb/pimp. , Lovage, monk's pepper, peppermint, marigolds, rose mallow, rosemary, arugula/ narrow-leaved double seed, celandine, ribwort, sweetthorn, square willowherb, rue, hyssop, lemon balm, lemon thyme, molasses, water.

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All round health

Intestinal health strengthens body & physics

Intestinal health
through optimised nutrient absorption
Glossy dense plumage
rich colours and shine
More healthy eggs
through higher laying performance
Less aggressive behaviour
because lusher chickens
More joy of life
more satisfaction
Better resistance
less chicken colds

It's that simple

KE herbal tract for chickens, quails and other poultry

Use 5-6 sprays per kg of feed, mix a little if necessary


Dosage via the drinking water:
Add 5ml /l of water to the drinking water


Plumage & skin care:
1-2 puffs on plumage or irritated areas


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