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A dust bath for chickens is a bath in which the animals bathe in a sandy or dusty mixture. This bath helps against the annoying bloodsuckers after only a few applications due to the right mineral composition and grain size. But why is a dust bath against mites important for chickens? For one thing, they are parasites that, in the worst case, can transmit or cause other diseases. On the other hand, the pest infestation has a negative effect on the entire flock. The animals become more aggressive, feather pecking increases and there is general unrest in the flock.

If you feel that your chickens are suffering from a mite infestation, a sand bath for chickens is the best solution. It helps to control the mite pressure in the house quickly and efficiently. The dust bath against mites for chickens also helps to protect against other parasites. Besides the red bird mite, these also include fleas, lice or hair lice. The best and most effective dust bath for chickens is Cumbasil Mite. With more than 200,000 convinced chicken owners, it is also one of the most widely used natural remedies against mites. See for yourself and order the solution to your chickens' mite problems today!

How does a sand bath for chickens work?
The sand bath for chickens is simple and quick to set up. Provide a dust pan for your chickens that is as shallow as possible and fill it about 5 cm high with Cumbasil Mite. If you don't have a dust pan, you can also pour the product directly onto the floor. It is important that Cumbasil Mite is kept dry, it should be covered and protected from moisture. The dust bath for chickens will then work all by itself. The chickens instinctively scratch and hoot and distribute Cumbasil Mite throughout their plumage. Depending on consumption, the dust bath must be refilled regularly - so that there is always enough mineral powder available. To prevent clumping with droppings and litter, it is recommended to occasionally loosen the contents of the dust bath against mites for chickens with a rake to remove coarse dirt.

Why is Cumbasil Mite the best dust bath for chickens?
Cumbasil Mite is a 100% pure and natural dust bath for chickens. It contains no biocides and is ideal for hygienic mite protection for chickens. At the same time, it hygienises the litter in the coop and is also a useful leisure activity. Due to its special structure, Cumbasil Mite adheres particularly well to the ectoparasites, which prevents their spread and ensures quick results. In addition, Cumbasil Mite contains silicon minerals that make the plumage of your chickens shine and increase the quality of the plumage. Cumbasil Mite is a chemical-free dust bath against mites for chickens.

Advantages of buying Cumbasil Mite
As mentioned earlier, more than 200,000 keepers rely on this special sand bath for chickens. It is consistently