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The bird mite is one of the most common causes of disease in chickens. Many chicken keepers find it difficult to control the mites effectively. An important tool in the fight against bird mites is the dust bath. It is a very efficient way to get rid of the mites while protecting the birds' health.  Chickens instinctively like to hoover in sand, soil or dust. Cumbasil Mite is the most effective option to protect them against mites at the same time. It comes in powder form that can be quickly and easily spread on the floor of the coop or in a dust pan. The mite remedy for chickens is chemical-free and contains only natural ingredients that control the bird mite without harming the animals. With the dust bath you can control the bird mite and protect the health of the animals.

Mite control in chickens has historically been a complex issue with many aspects to consider. Cumbasil Mite comes to your home as a ready-to-use solution and helps to treat the acute mite infestation within a few days. Controlling the bird mite has never been easier and if the product is applied correctly, the chickens instinctively take to it quickly. After a few days you will notice that the mite remedy for chickens makes for happier and more balanced animals.

Cumbasil Mite - the chemical-free mite repellent for chickens
Cumbasil Mite is the most effective mite repellent for chickens that is completely chemical-free. It is a 100% pure and natural remedy against mites and other ectoparasites. Unlike other remedies, mite control in chickens with Cumbasil Mite is possible without biocides. The dust adheres excellently to ectoparasites and sanitises the litter. In addition, the dust bath also serves as a leisure activity and the active ingredients contained, such as silicon minerals, promote the shine and quality of the plumage. If you would also like to effectively combat bird mites, then get in touch with us today and secure favourable graduated prices!

Mite control for chickens with Cumbasil Mite
Controlling bird mites has never been easier. On the one hand, the application is very easy and on the other hand, the effect already starts after a few days. For correct mite control in chickens, it is recommended to place a large and as flat as possible dust pan in the enclosure. This should then be filled to a height of approx. 5 cm with Cumbasil Mite. The chickens will do the rest by themselves. The natural instinct to scratch and hoot transports the dust deep into the feathers, where it then has an immediate effect.  Our dust bath has the optimal grain size to protect against mites. To protect our and the chickens' lungs, Cumbasil Mite is free from harmful nanoparticles. 

To prevent the dust bath from clumping, it should be loosened with a rake. Please also always make sure that enough Cumbasil Mite is available and refill if necessary.

Further advantages for chickens and keepers
Cumbasil Mite not only helps to control mites in chickens, but also provides the animals with important silicon minerals. These bring new shine to the plumage and noticeably increase its quality. Silicon has been proven to increase the elasticity and strength of the cell walls. But you also benefit from the mite remedy for chickens. The application is simple and can be implemented quickly. Prices can be staggered and money saved. We guarantee a fast and smooth purchase process and are always available for intensive advice. More than 200,000 holders trust the quality brand Cumbasil Mite. Convince yourself of this unique product to effectively combat the bird mite.