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Chemical-free mite protection for your poultry

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That is why Cumbasil Mite

100% natural

As a chemical-free and pure natural product, Cumbasil Mite is used by organic farms.

Low fine dust content

The particularly good adhesive properties reduce the amount of fine dust in the stable.


If ectoparasites come into contact with Cumbasil Mite, their mobility is immediately massively reduced.

Quality & Shine

The silicon minerals contained in the dust bath promote quality and shine of the plumage.

Easy to use

Add Cumbasil Mite to a tub & observe rapid absorption.

Scientifically tested

Cumbasil Mite has been successfully tested with the UAS South Westphalia and is welcomed by the German certification body for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry.(KAT)

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Cumbasil Mite combats the red bird mite

Convince yourself of our tested premium quality & order the dust bath for your chickens today.

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Cumbasil Mite - The effective dust bath for your poultry - Against ectoparasites

Cumbasil Mite against:

Red bird mite, hair lice, feather lice and other ectoparasites.

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The advantages for your chickens with Cumbasil Mite at a glance:

  • 100 % pure and natural
  • Contains no biocides
  • Chemical-free mite protection
  • Adheres particularly well to ectoparasites
  • Promotes shine and quality of plumage due to silicon minerals
  • Reduces dust in the stable
  • Also serves as a leisure activity
  • Hygienises the bedding

The sand bath for your poultry

Cumbasil Mite is a chemical-free and purely natural mineral powder for protection against ectoparasites, such as the red bird mite, fleas, lice or hair lice. We have successfully tested Cumbasil Mite in practice for years. The poultry training and testing institutes have included Cumbasil Mite in their recommendations and confirm its good effect. As a purely natural product, Cumbasil Mite may be used by organic farms and is FiBl listed. The litter becomes drier, the hygiene standard improves and the smell in the stable is reduced. The use of Cumbasil Mite is welcomed by the german KAT certification body (Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry) and does not require approval.

Low fine dust pollution in the barn

Due to the particularly good adhesive properties of Cumbasil Mite to ectoparasites, their mobility is massively restricted. This makes it difficult for the mites to penetrate the plumage. As a result, the mite pressure in the barn is efficiently regulated. The good adhesive properties of Cumbasil Mite to ectoparasites enable a very low fine dust content in the product. Compared to finer ground products, the dust development in the barn can be significantly reduced with Cumbasil Mite.

Adheres directly to poultry mites

As the red bird mite is a true survivor, it is best to control it continuously. With Cumbasil Mite, the birds protect themselves from ectoparasites all year round. After hoarding, they automatically distribute the dust bath to all corners and thus ensure safe and effective protection in the house.

Promotion of shell quality and plumage

Cumbasil Mite not only protects your pet from ectoparasites, but also promotes the quality and shine of the feathers through the silicon minerals contained in the dust bath. ilicon is an important component of the plumage. As an element, it ensures elasticity and strength of the cell walls. This property is particularly appreciated by breed poultry keepers.

Easy and convenient to use

Cumbasil Mite is made available to the animals by piling it up in the coulter or by filling it into a dust pan. The animals instinctively scratch and hoof in Cumbasil Mite. Fill the dust pan with approx. 15-20 kg of Cumbasil Mite so that sufficient mineral powder is available for hoofing. The dust pan should be as flat as possible. The animals will do the rest themselves. The dust bath is refilled according to consumption. To prevent clumping with droppings and litter, you can loosen the dust bath with a rake if necessary.

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